Important Documents: For Registration Form, Click Here. For Driver Rules, Click Here. For Car Rules, Click Here. **Sign Up for 5 Races, You only pay for 4. © Eu fugiat irure aliqua, tempor eiusmod veniam, culpa laboris non commodo sed enim dolore nulla et aute 2010 Lyon County Fair, Iowa Figure 8 Races Points: The There is a points system set up for five races this season. The races will be held at two locations. Top five point holders will be paid out after the August 8th race. The prize money that is put up is over and above the winnings from each race. 2017 Race Dates: June 10 Sibley, IA June 17 Rock Rapids, IA July 13 Sibley, IA July 19 Rock Rapids, IA August 5 Rock Rapids, IA Made with MAGIX